7 pro tips for capturing pictures with a trail camera

Through the following professional strategies and techniques, you can easily obtain high-quality wild animal photos this season.


1. Read the Tail Camera user manual

Please read the camera manual carefully before use. Learn about all its functions, such as adjustable trigger speed, shooting interval, etc. Configure the camera that best suits you according to your expectations to maximize the potential of the device and improve the final photos.


2. Do not leave any "personal information"

When placing or inspecting the camera, please wear rubber gloves and boots. And before putting the camera into the field, use an odorless detergent to clean the camera. Avoid your personal odors from being discovered by animals so that they will not enter your capture area.


3. Hang the camera on a high place

In order to better capture photos of wild animals such as deer, we recommend that you place the camera at 5-7 feet. Fix it between the trees with a mounting strap, and the lens is tilted toward the ground. This will ensure that when the camera captures the animal, it will not startle the animal with infrared light. Bring you high-quality images.


4. Point the camera north

Due to the influence of sunlight, rear-view cameras facing east or west can not provide you with clear pictures. So point the camera as far north as possible for best results.


5. Use high-quality lithium batteries

The battery is a very important factor. In order to make the camera work longer, you'd better use a high-quality lithium battery. It allows you to get a more lasting power supply and capture more pictures.


6. Add bait

The best images are often static images that capture the front of the animal. For this, you should place some bait in front of the camera to lure animals to walk towards the lens. Makes you capture mug shots of animals.


7. Check the camera carefully

When checking the camera, please walk slowly. Avoid making loud noises to scare nearby animals. At the same time, please bring your card reader and tablet with you when checking the camera. This allows you to make precise adjustments.


The above are seven professional tips to help you capture wonderful images of animals. If you have any similar comments, please leave a message and let me know!

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