Avoid common wrong settings of trail cameras

This article introduces the common wrong settings of hunting cameras, including ignoring the weather, not using a large enough memory card, not cleaning up the smell, and excessively hiding your camera. Help you avoid similar problems, bring a better hunting experience!


Ignoring the weather:

Although the hunting camera is sturdy and waterproof, installing it in cold conditions may consume battery power more quickly and cause no pictures of what you want. In addition, in this environment, the snow may also flood your camera and affect the image quality.


Not using a large enough memory card:

The memory card should be large enough to well save the pictures and videos taken by the camera. If it is too small, the camera will fill up the storage space too quickly and cause damage to the camera. Therefore, we suggest that you should buy the largest memory card to ensure that it can perform storage tasks well.


Not cleaning up the smell:

Animals usually have a very sensitive sense of smell. You should wear rubber gloves and boots when installing the camera. At the same time, purchase odorless sprays to eliminate human odors around the camera, so as not to cause wild animals and plants to alert.


Excessively hiding your camera:

Although it is important to hide the camera, this can prevent the camera from being stolen while not being discovered by animals. But excessively hiding the camera is also a big problem. Using too many leaves will affect the lens and prevent you from getting good shots. It will also make it difficult for you to find your own camera.


The above are the four common mistakes we have summarized. Before you start hunting, you'd better avoid these problems in order to have a perfect hunting experience. If you don't know how to set up a trail camera, please click here to see how to set up a trail camera.

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