Basement can be your best hangout

Many people have a basement in their homes. Have you ever thought of transforming it into a gathering place? We can invite friends here to chat and play games, especially since the light in the basement is very suitable for home theater, and the floor is usually concrete so vibration from the sound is reduced especially compared to wooden flooring. The best thing is you don’t need a big budget to build this basement movie theater. So how do we renovate our basement? And what are the details that we need to notice?



Moistness is an unavoidable topic in the basement. There are usually umpteen water pipes running through the cellar which can even leak over time. Not to mention those days of heavy rain, your basement will be flooded. If you do not pay attention to removing dampness in the basement, it will have a bad impact on the beauty of the room, the health of the human body, and the electronic equipment. In terms of daily dehumidification, it is important to know that the important time for moisture and waterproofing in the basement of the villa in the morning and evening. The air humidity during these two periods is higher than that in the afternoon, so it is recommended to close the windows, especially the windows facing south and southeast. The air conditioner can also be used and adjusted to the dehumidification gear, or directly use the dehumidifier to collect the moisture in the air. Prepare desiccant. Hang some desiccants with strong adsorptive properties. The most common one is activated carbon bags. You can also sprinkle some desiccants on the corners and the ground that is prone to dampness but remember to change them regularly. Ventilation can take away moisture, but do not ventilate after heavy rain in cloudy, rainy, or summer, as it will bring a lot of moisture into the room.



Since it is in the basement, we don't need to buy a high-lumen projector. We only need a high-quality and inexpensive projector. After all, the higher the lumens, the higher the price of the projector. The resolution recommends 1080p, so you can get a clear image. Almost all projectors have built-in audio, but the sound quality and volume are not particularly ideal. You can connect a better speaker to get a good acoustic effect. In addition to referring to these more common parameters, it mainly depends on the ratio of the length and width of the room and the projection distance of the selected projection (different projectors have different projection distances, so you need to pay attention). A white curtain is recommended for a better visual experience.

At the same time, because of the dampness of the basement, the unexpected water pipe leakage, and heavy rain, a smaller, lighter, portable projector is recommended. For this reason, using a tripod to support the projector is a fine choice. Because it is useful and also convenient to move. You can also consider buying curtains that are easy to store and disassemble.


Floor and wall

Do not choose wooden floors, because they are easily damp and moldy. Concrete actually can  lead to good acoustics, however, you can improve them even further by carpeting the floor. The carpet will absorb sound, which will give us a cinematic auditory effect. And start talking about moisture-proofing from the outer wall. Set up a moisture-proof layer. Spread a layer of 20mm cement mortar on the outer surface of the wall, then apply a layer of cold base oil and two layers of hot asphalt, and then backfill low-permeability soil on the outside of the moisture-proof layer. Layer compaction. As for the inner wall, use extruded panels to install on the wall in the form of a sandwich, which not only plays the role of moisture-proof but also has a very good sound insulation effect.


WiFi Signals

Poor WiFi signal in the basement is also a very common problem. Especially if you want to connect to streaming media, for instance, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, wireless networks are very essential. You can go to Amazon to get a Wifi extender to solve this problem. Or install an additional router directly in the basement


Building a basement home theater does not require much budget. Create a beautiful nest and spend a pleasant and thorough time with the people you care about!

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