5 reasons to use a trail camera for time-lapse video of plant growth

Humans are always holding a curiosity of nature. Just like the growth of plants makes us feel so amazed. How seeds germinate, how roots grow, how buds bloom, how flowers wither, all these questions attracted us. So, shooting a growing time-lapse video of plants has become popular, which can show us the whole process of plant growth in just a few minutes or even tens of seconds.


Many people use SLR cameras for plants growing time-lapse videos, but I also recommend you to use a trail camera for that. Here comes 5 reasons.


  • Simple to operate

Different from the SLR cameras, trail cameras aren't that many places to set up so that even a green hand of photography can master all the operation methods in just a few minutes. And the trail camera is auto-exposure, auto-focus and with a "Time Lapse" function, we just need to set the time interval so we can start shooting directly. The camera will automatically take pictures at every set time intervals.


  • Low power consumption

Plants growing time-lapse shooting always takes a long time, which means the shooting equipment also needs to keep working for a long time, so the power supply will be an important problem to solve. Trail cameras can consume low power and provide a long operating time with battery power instead of plugging which could satisfy our needs. What’s more, the trail camera is less likely to heat up after a long time running, which is more reassuring of us to use.


  • Automatically records the information

Time-lapse photos taken by the trail camera would stamped with the time, date, temperature and phase of the moment the photo was taken. This information helps us to identify at a glance the corresponding plant growth stage data for each photos.


  • Wide-angle lens

Trail cameras always with a wide-angle lens. With a wide-angle lens, we can more easily capture the whole of a plant in the frame without placing the camera far away. In this way, we don’t have to take up a large space for shooting and can reduce some uncontrollable factors that affect the shooting in the long-term shooting process.


  • Ease of mounting

In order to create the perfect time-lapse video of plants, it is important to keep the camera shoots stable. A trail camera’s weight is much lighter than a SLR camera, so it can easily fasten in most places with an adjustable web belt or a tripod socket.


Those are 5 reasons why I recommend the trail camera for time-lapse photography of plant growth. And we will talk about how to take an amazing plant growth video with a trail camera in the next blog.


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