Best mycology camera for fungi lover

Are you a fungi lover? Do you love capturing images of shroom? Do you focus on cultivating some plants to record their growth process? Then this article will find a different device for you to help you better record mushroom picking, fungus reproduction, malt growth, and plant cultivation, etc.


Consider 5 important functions of fungus observation equipment:


① Long time recording


For fungus cultivation enthusiasts, the happiest thing is to record its growth process. However, the cultivation process of the fungus lasts for several months or even a year, and ordinary cameras can't be powered for a long time. So in order to prevent you from missing some lovely moments, you need a camera with long-term recording capabilities. The trail camera can continue shooting for 3-4 months in battery-powered mode. Besides, if using an external power supply (plug-in cable), it can work continuously.


② Image quality                                                                                                     

Image quality is a basic function of a camera. The higher the image resolution, the clearer the photos or videos that will be taken. Trap camera captures HD pictures in 24MP crystal and 1296P videos. It records every moment of wildlife and nature, whether day and night. You'll get a clear image through the COOAU trail camera.


③ Time-lapse shooting


Due to the fungus grows very slowly, and ordinary people can't see the changes with the naked eye. So it needs to have the function of time-lapse photography. The trail camera has a time-lapse shooting function and the shooting interval can be set at the same time.

- Photo mode: The shorter the interval you set, the more material you can shoot and the more power consumption will be. Its shooting interval setting can be accurate to every second, the lowest can be set to 1 second, and the highest can be set to 24 hours. You can make any settings according to your needs.

Of course, it can also be shot in video mode.


④ Sturdy and waterproof


For outdoor fungus discoverers, they need waterproof and durable equipment to be placed outdoors to record the growth process of fungi. The outdoor trail camera with a sturdy casing and IP66 waterproof function can avoid the impact of rain and sand on the trail camera. The wifi game camera can work in harsh environments like deserts or tropical rain forest and easy to install wherever with a threaded tripod and mounting strap.


If you want to take pictures of the natural growth of mushrooms and other plants outdoors, choose rechargeable trail camera mode is suitable. If you are cultivating plants in a greenhouse, choose a long-term power supply mode is the best choice.

In addition, if you want to make a movie, it is also possible!

At present, most of the video production software on the market can meet your requirements. Eg: Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci resolve, Filmorago, Lightworks, Clipchamp, Hitfilm express, Vsdc video editor, Shotcut, iMovie, Movie Maker.

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