Good room setup, good home theater experience

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For several reasons, there have always been some issues for those new hands who want to build a home theatre. Even if you bought a nice projector, you are still likely to encounter some unsatisfying things. But now, with many talented and warm-hearted bloggers sharing their experience online, solving or avoiding those problems are never mysteries anymore! Do you have these concerns in your theater?
-troublesome setup of the beamer
-dim pics
-the bad performance of the sound system
-monotonous room decor

Troublesome setup of the beamer

Do you feel a sense of tiredness? Any time you invite someone into your home, try to watch a blockbuster and have fun, but you get the opposite since some projectors can be so much more complicated than TV on its setup. It's best to select a user-friendly one for its being used home so often. So, dear friends, when choosing your home projector, you must carefully read the customer reviews, and see if there are many reviews about " easy to set up". Such a convenient machine must be put a lot of effort into its testing process to make sure the smoothness of its use. This feature is also convenient for children to use. Many parents choose to use a projector instead of a TV because the diffuse reflection principle of the projector is not easy to cause irreversible damage to children's eyesight.

Dim pics

One of the most important factors affecting picture quality is the brightness of the environment: the darker the environment, the better the picture quality. The best way to solve this problem is to install blackout linings on your curtains. You can go to to search for this item. The price is extremely cheap, and it's easy to install them! Or you can also consider roller blinds, just make sure to choose blinds with shading properties, otherwise, they will be almost useless. The second factor is the reflection of light, you'd better buy a professional screen. Projecting directly on the wall is more convenient, but it will affect the imaging to a certain extent, which is determined by the uneven surface of the wall. Professional screens need to achieve two functions: one is to make more diffuse reflections become directional reflections; the other is to prevent interference from ambient light to the projection screen as much as possible. The third factor is the problem of keystone correction. It is recommended that you buy a tripod in advance.

The bad performance of the sound system

Although the projectors have their sound system, their volume and sound quality are limited. It is recommended that you connect with another speaker. Projector speakers are not loud. Worse, they're often competing with the projector's fan noise. The speakers can be wired. If your projector comes with a Bluetooth function, it can also be connected wirelessly. Pay attention that many wirelessly connected projectors will have a lag in audio and video synchronization. It is recommended to research in advance because this can be disappointing during your movie party.

Monotonous room decor

You can put a king-size bed in the room and can also choose a group of soft sofas, or just buy some large fur carpets and lie on them to watch your favorite movies. To create a warm atmosphere, you can decorate the room with some nice colored lights and put up posters of your favorite movies with your partner, children, or family members. Prepare a small table and place your carefully prepared food and snacks on it. What you could also do is to buy a TV stick, like Roku and a Fire TV stick. The easiest way to get something to watch on your outdoor projector is via a streaming stick.

Home is like a harbor to us, and movies let us into another world to experience this life. So these are some common problems you may encounter during the process. Hope this is helpful. Any other questions, please comment down below!

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