Should I get a projector or a TV?

the pros and cons of TV and projectors


Nowadays the projector lifestyle is quickly coming into our vision because they could meet our basic needs just as what we need from TVs. Both of them are developing rapidly and are our preferred choices, especially TV sets, which have been playing the market-leading role for decades.


As the two leading players in the business, they have their own field. Since most people's positioning of the projector is 1080P, and 4K TV, we would like to share some information out of a comparison between a 1080P projector and a 4K TV. And hopefully, the post could give you more ideas on deciding which you need.

Home Cinema With A Projector

1080P Projector vs 4k TV

Screen Size

The watching experience would really improve with a bigger display screen. A big screen of the cinema movie is all about making us feel as immersive as it could be. It's easy to find a projector screen reaches 120”, which is twice as large as a television screen. 200” is not that hard to achieve, either, if you have a big enough curtain. From this point of view, we would be disappointed about the fact that the popular screen size for a TV is 65", and the lowest behind it is 43".

Winner: Projector


Picture Quality

The picture quality we’re referring to is determined by brightness, contrast ratio, and resolution. We would like to talk about them in general for you to understand more easily.

  • Brightness

Simply put, the lower the brightness is, the dimmer the room needs to be to play the movie. The TV can be played in any circumstances during daylight or night, while the projector is required to be in a dark room as it’s easily affected by the light.

  • Contrast Ratio

For the contrast ratio, we often want them to be higher. The contrast ratio of TV sets is generally 7500:1. Now the data of projectors is improving as well. However, as the problem we mentioned before that projectors contain low brightness, the contrast ratio wouldn’t support the projector to compete with the light. And it would make the picture easily washed out. Unless in a dark room, the portrait can show better.

  • Screen Resolution

The data of resolution for TVs and projectors are 4K and 1080P. The 4K display is obviously much clearer than 1080P. There is no doubt about this. The resolution that you actually receive not only depends on the screen but also the video files. 1080P is quite enough to satisfy most people's need for HD videos playing. 

In general, TVs provide better image quality under multiple light sources. And the projectors are limited due to low brightness and lower resolution.

Winner: TV



From the marketing numbers, It is a known fact that the price contrast between 1080P and 4K TVs is very large. The price of a relatively pure 1080P projector is around $200~$400. And you can easily get a 70“ - 200" adjustable screen within that budget. As for a 65" TV, the cost is basically over US$1,000.

With that budget, we could get an exquisite projector with a bright image and larger screen experience in 1080P. This is why many people still purchase a projector to enjoy other conveniences after owning a TV.

This is a result of people who are satisfied with 1080P. If you need the projector to reach 4K experience. The result would be upside down. We found that the price range of 2K projectors that can support 4K is between $2000 and $5000. TVs are a much better choice since you could purchase a 4K TV at around $2000.

Winner: Projector


Operation Before Start

While general projectors need you to close the curtain and set up the display screen as preparation, you simply need to click the remote to start. Because the TV only takes a little space of your wall, neat and clean, we sometimes could be annoyed that the projection would lead to wires crossing your floor and the screen would take up a lot of space.

Winner: TV



We all knew that projectors could be carried around so we could use them for camping night gatherings, movie feasts at the backyard with friends, even on your ceiling. But another big convenience comes along is that it relieves us of the burden of too much furniture when we move. No need to worry about reselling your TV at a low price.

Winner: Projector

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Now, are you able to make a choice?

Both television and projectors are advanced in some ways. Although projectors get more checked boxes, this is still a close race. This really comes down to which feature is more important to you. And moreover, what the TV or projector is mostly used for?
  • For a deep gamer

who has high expectations on image qualities, sound effects, and most importantly, the frame rate? An exquisite television would be the best choice. As you don’t want to bear the frozen images during games. And the character is much more appreciated under 4k resolution to enhance the gaming experience.

  • For young people or young couples

that just move out to a rented apartment, the TV might not be that much essential as we have phones, iPad and laptop. Spend that a huge fortune on TV might not be a good idea. For the reason that a projector with a large screen is more cost-effective and good enough to provide an enjoyable movie experience.

  • For newly married couples

if you have enough budget, getting both would be the perfect option. A TV for daily usage and a projector to watch cartoons with kids. But TV would be the preference if you have to choose only one.

  • For a big family that already have a TV

then you should give the projector a try. Family members are absolutely willing to come over for a wonderful weekend movie night. And you can set it in the backyard, on the front porch, anywhere you could imagine.

So now, do you have your decision?

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