Why can't we project directly on the white wall?

Hello everyone, we were talking about projectors a lot before.
Today we will discuss why you still need a screen, especially why it can outdo the white walls.
Let's go!


A sense of ritual

If we don't manage our projector screen, it will be less joyful in this process. Do you know that the king-size screen in the real theater is hanged up by humans? That's a huge one. I have been invited to an opening ceremony of a cinema, and we, 9-10 guys, hanged a 9-meter-height screen up and watched a new-released Disney film together after it. That's a pretty cool and a little fearful experience for me because I had to climb up a very high place to achieve this. A Thai engineer directs us to do this. It has given me a big sense of ritual whenever I have watched some movies there. Especially you're not alone in that room, do recommend you to use this chance to create some awesome memories with your fellows, families or your spouse. There is nothing more wonderful than creating something with the one you love.


Not enough white wall area

When a room is set, we don't consider making enough walls for projecting. There is either a TV or wallpaper on the wall. The wall is painted in different colors or the wall is uneven, so we need a screen to reflect. The screen mainly can raise screen gain which means can reflect more projecting light of your projector. This can reduce the bad influence of ambient light.


Screen gain

Even there is enough white wall place for your project, the surface is rough and uneven. It does reduce a certain degree of clarity, which can be called screen gain. A gain is a unit that measures the brightness of the image that is reflected off of the projector screen. Gain is the ratio of the light reflected back from the projector, which is the light source. Projector screens, however, offer a silky smooth, and imperfection-free surface that is very rare to find with a wall. Except for gaining the clarity of the image, projector screens also can display a brighter image that is much truer to natural colors. This is because the smooth surface with special materials can reflect light more more centrally.


Cleaning issues

A white wall without wallpaper on it can be tainted easily by time. Due to its rough surface and materials, it's hard for us to clean it, which we can only paint it or just let it be. With a nice screen, you don't have this problem. There are a variety of screen types available, including wall-mounted, foldable, pull-down, floor-standing , inflatable, and rear. No matter what kind of screen you buy, it will be easy to store and clean.


The frame

It is also worth mentioning that the white wall has no "black border". Don't underestimate this black border. It can improve the attention and contrast of the picture, improve the visual quality of the picture itself, and avoid the surrounding influence.

These are the reasons why the white wall cannot replace the projection screen. In the next article, we will teach you more professionally how to choose the screen that suits your needs.

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