[Battery Camera] Why is my battery drained quickly?

The life of the battery depends on the times of the camera's wake up. If capacity is consumed too fast, it is probably because the camera is wakened up too frequently.

Here we make the following 6 suggestions:

  1. Don't install the camera where are a lot of motions.
  2. Set the sensitivity to low.
  3. Schedule an alarm plan.
  4. Ensure the network signal is stronger than 85% and stable enough.
  5. Don't view real-time video and replay the video multiple times in a day.
  6. Use a solar panel to work with the camera.


And here are the factors causing Battery consumption:

① Unstable network:                                           

When the network is not stable, the camera will constantly activate itself to find network signals to maintain a connection with the router. Such activation will consume the power of the battery. Please ensure the network signal is stronger than85% and stable enough. Please do not connect too many devices to one router.

② Temperature changes activate PIR detection:                            

PIR detection is based on the sensitivity to temperature changes. In daily life, the PIR sensor detection will be activated lots of times due to a large number of temperature changes, such as people, animals, cars, air-conditioning vents, etc. And the accumulation of detection will consume the battery capacity.

Note: Our alarm push system will block lots of detections, it will single out the human-like temperature detections, and only then will it push notification to the mobile phone.

③ Association between app and camera:                                 

If customers view real-time video and replay the video multiple times, it will shorten the lasting time of the battery drastic ally. As long as you click on the camera's video screen in the app, the power consumption begins.

④ Battery aging:                                                          

The lithium battery will be consumed and cannot be replenished during long-term charge and discharge, so the capacity of the battery will decrease over time.


The above is the solution to the battery drained quickly. If you are having such a problem, you might as well try to solve it yourself.

If the above steps still can’t solve your issue, please send us an email at


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