[Security Camera] Encountered a problem with the motion detection function?

1. Frequent alarms for motion detection

① Please confirm the installation scene. The camera is recommended to be installed in a suitable scene. If there are a lot of people and the scene changes quickly, you need to install a reasonable time period for motion detection, otherwise, the alarm will be very frequent.

② If the scene is reasonable, the alarm is still frequent, or the alarm is triggered even if there is no scene change. It might be some potential environmental temperature changes that may cause false alarms. Such as water on the ground after rain, near the outdoor air conditioner, shaking of leaves, etc, may cause PIR False alarm.

You need to avoid this type of area and object or consider turning off the PIR infrared alarm and turning it into a "human-type" alarm.


2. Motion detection doesn't alarm

①Check whether the alarm switch is turned on

②Check whether the alarm time period is set


The above is the solution to the common problems that frequent alarms for motion detection and motion detection don't alarm. If you are having such a problem, you might as well try to solve it yourself.

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