[Security Camera] Why can't my security camera be booted on?

Does your camera fail to boot on or does not respond? Here are some solutions to help you solve the problem.

1. Plug in the power, nothing happens on the host

 ① If it is a USB interface model, try to replace another power adapter and charging cable to supply power to the machine, and determine whether it is a problem with the attached charger/charging cable.


 ② If it is a DC12V circular interface model, after plugging in the power, check whether the power indicator at the interface is on. If it does not, it is judged as a power adapter problem; if the power light is on, it is judged as a machine quality problem;


2. Plug in the power, the infrared light of the main unit is always on, and there is no sound

 ① It has been used normally before, but later it can‘t be used normally. You need to take a picture of the machine ID and contact us for the processing of the machine;


 ② If the infrared light is always on at the beginning of use, and there is no sound prompt, please make sure to wait at least 1 minute after plugging in the power supply;


The above is the solution for the security camera that can't be booted on. If the above steps still can’t solve your issue, please click here to contact us

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