8 tips on using a trail camera for garden birds photography

If you have a garden, you should be able to find there are always some birds that pay a visit to your garden. Feeding the garden birds becomes something we usually do for enjoyment. It makes us feel like we've created a new paradise for the birds.


And we always want to capture the cute moments of the garden birds. How can we use a COOAU trail camera to capture those scenes? Here are some tips:


Use a trail camera to record the scenes of garden birds. 

How can we attract the birds to be our gardens frequenter?
  1. There is no doubt that birds would be attracted to your garden by their favorite food mostly. You can find out what species of birds are frequent visitors to your garden and prepare food according to their preferences. Make sure the food you prepared is nourishing for the birds and free of additives, sugar, salt, etc.
  2. Don’t forget to prepare some water as well.
  3. You might prepare some feeders, or just put the food on the ground. But remember to having several feeders spread out to give birds the chance to feed without being bullied by larger or more territorial birds. What’s more, make the effort to wash and sterilize the place you placed the bird’s food regularly.
  4. Birds like to stand on branches or stumps. So, you might prepare somewhere like that for the garden birds to stand on.


    How should we place the trail camera?
    1. First of all, there is no need to worry about the garden birds not coming to your garden because of the camera. The birds won’t mind the camera once they’re used to it, trail camera is quiet enough to not disturb them either. So you just need to place the camera within a meter of where you put the bird’s food to capture a much clearer image and chirp. (You can just try and preview the effect firstly.)
    2. Use a wall mount or a mounting belt to fix the camera in case of falling due to the birds’
    3. For a clearer sound recording, since the microphone is at the bottom of the camera, you need to avoid something blocking your camera’s mics.
    4. Avoid putting the trail camera under the blazing sun. Because the change of sunlight might influence the trigger.


    Hopefully that gives you a good start. Use these tips to capture the cutest moments of garden birds and share them with our SNS account!

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