[All products] Get your electronic version PDF user manual

What should I do if I lose the user manual? The font of the paper version of the user manual is too small to read? If you encounter these problems, then you have come to the right place!

Here I prepare electronic manuals of all COOAU products for Cooauer. Never worry about losing the user manual or reading the paper manual's small font anymore.


COOAU Action Camera

COOL Series SPC02

COOL Series SPC03

COOL Series SPC05

COOL Series SPC06


COOAU Security Camera

Security Camera 825

Security Camera 827

Security Camera 833

Security Camera 835


COOAU Battery Camera

Battery Camera ZS-GQ1

Battery Camera ZS-GX5S

Battery Camera DD201


COOAU Projector

Projector A4300

Projector A6000



DVD Player CU-901

DVD Player CU-101

DVD Player CU-103

DVD Player CU-121

DVD Player CU-902


COOAU Dash Cam

Dash Cam D60

Dash Cam D68

Dash Cam M88

Dash Cam D30


The above is the electronic version PDF user manual of all COOAU products, I hope it will be helpful to you.

If there is no user manual for the product you own above, please leave a message below, I will update it at any time! 

If the above steps still can’t solve your issue, please send us an email at official@cooau.com


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